Here are some useful resources related to the Cambridge networking and technology scene…

camcreative CamCreative embraces a diverse group of interests which includes design, media, literature and publishing, visual arts, multimedia, performing arts and general culture bringing together a mix of large and small firms.

CamJelly Cambridge’s coworking group. Meets every Friday.

Cambridge Geek Nights are get-togethers of geeks from in and around the Cambridge area. We meet up every couple of months, discuss all things tech, have a couple of drinks, and generally geek out.

Cambridge Network A community of universities and high technology businesses in Cambridge, UK

Cambridge Product Management are a group of technology professionals in the Cambridge area. They may not have the job title of “Product Manager”, but have a responsibility for Product Management within their businesses. Their objective is to share knowledge and best practice of their trade.

Cambridge Wireless The Premier Wireless Community

CHASE formerly the Cambridge Hi-Tech Association of Small Enterprises, a lively networking group for entrepreneurs, start-ups, small firms and people interested in business and hi-tech, based in the university city of Cambridge, the UK’s Silicon Valley

makespace Makespace is a place in Cambridge, UK, where you can come to meet, learn and build (almost) anything

Pitch and Mix Pitch and mix is an opportunity to connect with the startup/entrepreneurial community in Cambridge